At One Click Tax, we are determined to help you do your tax return, as quickly and simply as possible!

Doing your tax returns each year might seem daunting, but there’s really nothing complicated about it. Let us prove it to you.

Our fees are dead simple; there are no hidden charges. We call it as it is.

If you want to call us to discuss your tax returns, you can. If you want to stop by for a cuppa and chat to us in person, you can. We’re here to make your life simple for you and us, there’s nothing easier than helping you get the maximum return each year.


Our $99 ‘express online tax return’.  The simplest way to do your tax return!

This is for those busy people who want their individual tax return sorted for them with minimal fuss, but maximum refund. We charge nothing for you to try it, and we take out the fee only when you receive your refund!  No upfront charge or credit card details needed!  So come and try it for yourself.

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