Amending your tax return

Did you forget to include any of your income or deductions in your tax return? No worries, we can definitely help you by lodging an Amended Tax Return!

For both individuals and small businesses, you have TWO YEARS from the initial lodgement date to lodge a relevant amendment.

We encourage our clients to lodge an amendment as soon as you realise you have made an error. Although it is a voluntary disclosure, you must include all your income, lest you are liable for penalties from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for non-disclosure.

A common example when you need to lodge an amendment for your tax return are as follows:

  • You have forgotten to include any income
  • You would like to add more or had forgotten to add deductions to your Tax Return
  • You missed out some details. For example, Spouse or Private Health Insurance Details

How to amend your tax return with One Click Tax?

  • Contact us:
    You will need to contact us by either calling 1300 707 117 or emailling us at for us to create the amendment tax return for you.
  • Log Back In:
    You can then log back into our website to complete and lodge the amended tax return.
  • Lodge Your Amended Tax Return:
    When you lodge, the amended tax return will be sent to the ATO for assessment.
    Do note that it may take longer than usual (up to 28 business days) for the ATO to process it as it is an amendment tax return.

If you have any questions, please feel free to

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