Uniforms and Laundry Expenses Deductions

Uniform and Laundry Expense Deductions There are many different jobs that require a certain type of attire or compulsory uniform. Did you know that most of these items could potentially be counted as a deductible expense? You can claim the cost for buying and cleaning occupation-specific clothing, protective gear and unique, distinctive uniforms. There are … Read more Uniforms and Laundry Expenses Deductions

Self-Education Expense

Self-education expenses can be deductible if the expenses fulfil the following criteria: The course/training has a connection to your current employment The course/training will maintain/improve skills related to your current employment OR results in an increase in your income from current employment You are unable to claim deductions for self-education expenses if it is used … Read more Self-Education Expense

What are the new tax rules due to COVID-19

Working from home: The ATO has introduced a straight-forward shortcut method to calculate Home Office Expense during the period from 1 March to 30 June 2020.  Using this shortcut, you can claim 80 cents per hour for all relevant running expenses incurred when working from home. It is important to note that if you choose … Read more What are the new tax rules due to COVID-19

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