Frequently Asked Questions

General enquires

Why must I verify my photo ID?

  • There have been new ATO regulations that require tax agents to verify all clients ID. Thus, to protect your potential refund, we are required to ensure that it is you who is lodging your tax return, and that you get your refund.

What if I do not have any photo ID?

  • No worries, you can upload any 2 of the substitute documents that are listed on the site, which includes bank statements, Medicare card or state issued letters.

Where can I find my Tax File Number (TFN)?

  • You can find your TFN on your PAYG payment summary, Notice of Assessment or alternatively, you can contact the ATO by calling 13 28 61.

I can’t activate my account or I did not receive my activation email

  • Have you checked your spam or junk inbox? The activation email might have ended up there. If you still can’t find the activation email, please feel free to contact us by calling 1300 707 117. One of our staff will be able to help you activate your account.

I need to change my phone number/email?

  • Please send us an email at hello@oneclicktax.com.au or contact us at 1300 707 117. Please have a copy of your ID ready as we may request it.

What is my linking code for linking MyGov account?

  • You can contact ATO to link your MyGov account by calling 13 28 61

 Refund enquiries

Where is my refund?

  • Normally, it will take 14-21 business days for ATO to process your tax return. However, if it is a prior year tax return then it could take a bit longer than usual (around 30 days).

* Please note that the ATO will not accept any enquiry about the tax return until 30 days after lodgement.

For further information please click HERE

 I put in the wrong bank details

  • No worries, please send us an email at hello@oneclicktax.com.au and we will send you the instructions to amend your bank details. We may request that you send us a copy of a bank statement that you want your refund to be deposited into.

 Can One Click Tax transfer refund into my international bank account?

  • Yes, we can transfer your refund to the international bank account but there will be an additional remittance fee. (please email at hello@oneclicktax.com.au).

Where can I calculate my tax refund estimate?

  • You can easily calculate your tax refund estimate on our website by click HERE

Tax Return enquires

Can I lodge my individual tax return on your website?

  • Yes, you can complete and lodge your tax return on our website. Please click HERE for further information on tax return process.

Can I lodge prior year tax returns?

  • You can complete and lodge your prior year tax returns from 2017 onward on our website. However, for 2016 and earlier you will need to contact us at hello@oneclicktax.com.au. Do note that there may be additional fees, as those Tax Returns will have to be done manually by one of our accountants.

Can I lodge my tax return if I am on a Working Holiday Visa on your website?

  • Yes, you can complete and lodge your tax return on our website.

Can I lodge my Sole Trader tax return on your website?

  • Yes, you can complete, pay and lodge your sole trader tax return on our website, please click HERE for more details.

Business Activity Statement (BAS):

Can I lodge a Rental Property tax return with One Click Tax?

  • Please send us an email at hello@oneclicktax.com.au and we will send you the instructions what documents are required. There will be higher fees for Rental Property Tax Returns, depending on the complexity and number of rental properties owned.

 What deductions can I claim?

  • You can easily refer to which Tax Deductions are applicable to you by clicking HERE. We have examples of deductions for several occupations detailing what deductions you can claim.

Superannuation enquiries

How do I access an Early Release of Superannuation due to COVID-19?

  • Unfortunately, you will need to access your early super fund through Mygov. We are unable to help with this process.

For step by step instructions, please click HERE  

How do I get a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) if I am leaving the country?


For more information on DASP Tax Rates, you can click here for further details:


 We are able to help with this, but we do charge a fee for our services. If you wish to engage our services for this, please send us an email at hello@oneclicktax.com.au.

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