How do I Register?

Step 1:

Head to where you will see the following page:

Fill in your details and click on “Create Your Account”

Step 2:

You will then receive a SMS to your Mobile Number, to input in the next page.
You will also create your password on this page.

Once done, click on “Complete Registration”.

Step 3:

The next screen you will see is a ID Verification page. Click on the Green Icon  and upload a Valid Photo ID

Once uploaded, you will see the following screen.

Your ID will be sent for verification and you will receive an email and SMS when you have been verified:

Step 4:

Once your ID has been verified, you will receive an SMS to notify you that you may now begin to lodge your Income Tax Return.

Your Dashboard will now look like this!
To begin your 2020 Tax Return, click on “New”, and select “2019-2020”, then “Create Lodgement”.

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