Save time and avoid mistakes by using automatic pre-fill data, in your online tax return.

To save you time and avoid unnecessary errors, ‘pre-fill data’ can now complete the majority of the tax return for you!

Prefill data comes from the ATO and contains your financial information from health funds, banks, employers, government agencies and more, and is automatically inserted into your tax return.

How to use pre-fill information

Pre-fill information is automatically loaded into your ‘One Click Tax’ online tax return. All you have to do is review the pre-filled information and add any missing details, that might not have bene processed by the ATO.

Do not rely solely on pre-filled information. The information that is pre-filled to your return may be incomplete if:

  • the ATO has not supplied the data yet
  • the ATO could not match the information to your record
  • the information did not pass all data quality checks.

2018 Prefill availability

Pre-fill data will be available from the ATO most likely by mid August. You can still complete your tax return simply and quickly before then, if you are in a hurry. All you will have to do is enter those details manually. Pre-fill information is usually available by mid-August, and if you are unsure of anything, we are happy to help you.

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