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The Pain of Luxury Cars Inflicted by Tax Laws

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Bigger tax offset for Low to Middle Income Earners in 2019

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A blast from the past

Even back then the ATO didnt mess around!

Income tax gets lower, fairer: treasurer

People earning low-to-middle incomes will be hardest hit by rising average tax rates over the coming decade, the analysis... [Read More]

Former PM Paul Keating says personal income tax rate ‘way too high’

Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating is saying the real problem for Australia is not the top rate of... [Read More]

Tax Return Advice: Tax Tips for Mums and parents

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Tax boss warns outages are ‘a fact of modern life’

Tax commissioner says businesses need a plan for when the ATO goes down. Tax commissioner Chris Jordan has warned... [Read More]

Money hack: Earn a better return on your tax return

Your tax return often feels like free money. It’s not. In fact, it’s actually costing you money.

Tax Return Tips: 10 Tax Deductions for Medical Professionals

You look after others, but who’s looking after you? If you work in healthcare and want to maximise your... [Read More]

Australians over-claim $8.7 billion in tax

Australians over-claiming on their tax returns took almost $9 billion out of the federal government’s budget in just one... [Read More]

Save time and avoid mistakes by using automatic pre-fill data, in your online tax return.

To save you time and avoid unnecessary errors, ‘pre-fill data’ can now complete the majority of the tax return... [Read More]