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Maximise your refund!

In line with our mission to make tax easy we have some exciting news! Introducing our MAX MY REFUND tool! Exclusive to... [Read More]

Winner of OneClick Taxseeker!!

We have our first winner! Congratulations Benson for winning the first $550 Taxseeker payment! Don’t worry if you didn’t... [Read More]

OneClick Taxseeker!

Scotty from marketing has inspired us to create Taxseeker! Every week till the 31 August 2020 we will boost... [Read More]

Where is my refund?

One of the most common questions faced by our accountants last tax season was “Where is my refund?” We... [Read More]

Backpacker Tax Return

We have listed down some of the tips for you, if you came to Australia with a Working Holiday... [Read More]

Tax Free Threshold

The tax-free threshold for this year is $18,200. This means that if your total income is less than the... [Read More]

Tax table 2020

Tax Table 2020 These are the current (tentative) Tax Tables for the 2019-2020 Tax Year. (Tentative) Tax Resident Tax... [Read More]

Home office case study – Which method should I use?

There might be some confusion on which method is better for a home office claim. The new COVID-19 shortcut... [Read More]

How do I Register?

Step 1: Head to where you will see the following page: Fill in your details and click on... [Read More]

Tax Time Updates

Maximising your 2020 Covid-19 tax return During these uncertain times, we understand that this year’s tax return needs to be... [Read More]

Why do I need to verify my identification document (ID)

From now on, every client will need to verify your photo ID either with your driver license, passport or... [Read More]

What are the new tax rules due to COVID-19

Working from home: The ATO has introduced a straight-forward shortcut method to calculate Home Office Expense during the period... [Read More]