Tax Time Updates

Maximising your 2020 Covid-19 tax return 
During these uncertain times, we understand that this year’s tax return needs to be quick, seamless and generate you the biggest bang for your buck. Tax time is just around the corner, so we thought we would provide you with a quick update before goes live on the 2nd of July.

We want to give you the opportunity to beat the rush and lodge your returns from July 2nd, three days prior to the Australian Taxation Office nominated processing date. This allows you to get in front of the queue for refunds this year. If you would like to book an early appointment click the link below to make a contactless appointment.

As is a registered digital service provider of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) they have informed us that refunds will start to be sent out on 16th July. Don’t worry if you are not ready to lodge early, as our negotiations with the ATO means that the standard 14 business day turnaround for refunds are 12 business days for our customers.

With PM Scott Morrison announcing last week that Australia has experienced a significant increase in foreign cyber-attacks, we have liaised with Government agencies like the AFP, ASD, ACSC and of course, the ATO to increase our security to protect you even more this year! Our software now includes levels of security superior to other Government approved tax software’s, to keep your personal information safe. It is now a requirement to upload photo ID to re-verify your account via

We have invested a huge amount in the last few months to ensure our online customers are protected at all times. Unfortunately, this has seen our online price adjust from $59 to $69. We hope it’s a small price to pay for absolute peace of mind.

This year we want to improve your customer experience by offering some extra benefits including extending the terms of our commitment, with our “Pay nothing upfront” and “No refund, No fee” policies for 2020 Individual tax returns!

We also have a 1-hour free Audit protection guarantee, to ensure you remain on the right side of the Australian Taxation Office.

With so many changes during the “new normal” we have kept everything simple and updated the One Click Tax software to reflect these changes behind the scenes, so you can still complete your tax return in just 3 simple steps!

We have already crunched the numbers for you, ask how we can get you an average of nearly $300 more in home office deductions* and it’s not using the Covid-19 method or myTax!

Finally, with all the uncertainty of Covid-19 we have taken the extraordinary step to no longer provide face to face services through shopping centres or alike due to safety to you and our staff. Our accountant-assisted individual tax return price has not changed, and is still $99.

We can now connect with you over Microsoft Teams, Zoom, phone, or even old-fashioned email! Let’s be honest, who wants to take time out of their day to see an accountant anymore – we will be the first to admit we are not the life of the party!

From me and the rest of the Number Geeks at we look forward to helping you get the biggest refund in Australia and we will be emailing on Friday with a list of deductions to make sure you get the biggest refund possible.

Nathan Kerr

*Get an average of nearly $300 in home office deductions – for those who want the numbers! The Covid-19 method of 80 cents per hour sounds better then the standard 52 cent per hour. But when we read the legislation we realised the politicians were up to their old tricks! If you use the Covid-19 method for 1 March to 30 June (18 weeks) for a standard 37 hour work week the maximum deduction would be $532 because if you use the Covid-19 method you cannot claim phone, internet or depreciation for any equipment bought for working from home. With the average phone and internet plan being around $120 per month and not including any other items purchased the maximum claim using the standard method would be $826. If you would like more tax deduction tips you can click on the link below.